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11 months ago by Maiken

​Optimise your LinkedIn profile with these 10 tips

So, you’re looking for a new role and you’ve probably updated your CV, shared it on job boards, contacted recruiters and started applying to roles. However, you may have missed an important step in your job search? Reviewing your LinkedIn profile! Recruiters and internal talent teams spend a lot of time actively sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, so you are missing a trick if you profile isn't up to date and optimised. So here's a guide to help you.

​Here’s how:

  1. Open your settings so potential employers can see your name on search results - Go to ‘me’ - settings & privacy - Edit your public profile - on the right panel tick the ‘Your profile’s public visibility’ button and choose from the options below. The more visible your profile is the more likely you are to stand out.

  2. Optimise your profile for search - Put yourself in the frame of mind of a hiring manager or recruiter, what keywords would they be searching for to find the ideal person for that job? Include these in your job title and all over your profile (but still so it makes sense of course!) and make sure you include all your relevant work experience and employment dates. You can also add skills onto your profile, which help you to appear in searches.

  3. Follow companies you are interested in and also follow recruitment companies who advertise in your space and who have a good reputation in the industry. You'll also get to see the roles they post in your feed as well. Don't forget to sign up for job alerts too!

  4. Use a professional image that you would want your future employer to see (it also increases search results!). It’s an obvious one, but nevertheless worth mentioning; don’t use a selfie from a drunken night out. Also, make sure the photo looks like you and not what you looked like 10 years ago!

  5. Include education and languages - If you speak a second language (or maybe even more than that) make sure you include it, employers are impressed with bilingual candidates. And who knows, they might just need someone who speaks fluently Swedish!

  6. Make sure your contact details are visible if you are actively looking.

  7. Add your CV onto your profile – you can add documents in the “about” section. Of course, only do this if you are happy for a range of people to see your CV and if people know you are actively looking.

  8. Build your network - Connecting with industry peers will not only increase the amount of content you receive in your newsfeed, but mean you also have access to news and updates relevant to the roles you’re interested in. Participating in discussions and commenting on relevant posts is a great way for you to build your network and form relationships.

  9. Check your profile regularly - Don’t let a message from a recruiter or potential employer sit in your inbox for days! It might be worth downloading the LinkedIn app so you get notifications straight away.

  10. Ask your boss (or ex-boss!) or other important stakeholders to give you recommendations on LinkedIn - It’s also okay to ask your friends, however, from a hiring manager’s/recruiter’s perspective, think about the credibility of the people you are asking.

Follow these tips and you will quickly see improvements in how often your profile is viewed, which should ultimately help in your job search. Good luck!