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over 2 years ago by Lucy Morgan

5 Factors that Makes Supply Chain Professionals Want to Change Roles and How You Can Offer Them

I​n a recent survey, we uncovered the top five things that are most important to candidates when looking for a new job. Here are our thoughts on how you can offer them.

1. Provide an interesting challenge

A new challenge is often the biggest motivator for changing jobs. It doesn’t necessarily mean a step up from the previous role the employee was in, it could simply be the same seniority level but with different challenges. This could be things like a new exciting project, freedom to make changes or being part of launching new products or structures. Also, when you’re looking to make a new hire, highlighting these upcoming challenges can help create an exciting job advert and job description.

2. Think about how the role can develop

In every job there should be an understanding of how the role can progress. Many start-ups and SMEs would say that they don’t have the size and structure for each role to progress, but there are other ways of progressing than just vertically. For example, the role could move sideways into a different department, move to a new country or take on broader responsibility within the organisation.

3. Give the employee a chance to make a difference

There are endless ways that an employee can make a difference, but in supply chain there are a few motivators that seem to stand out. Making an impact on the environment is top of the list for candidates when it comes to wanting to make a difference. Many candidates expect businesses to drive a well-thought-out CSR strategy. Especially if it isn’t thinking about making itself more sustainable. Alternatively, employees could take the company through a journey such as delivering new products to market.

4. Provide a better work/life balance

Flexibility is key to creating a healthy and happy workforce, and can help create a more diverse workforce. And not just in terms of being able to leave work one hour early on a Friday but by allowing individuals to work around their schedule and the hours of the day they’ll be most productive. You can read more about what employees are now expecting from their employers in terms of flexible working here.

5. Increased salary - not always the best motivator

Many employers fall into this trap; they still think salary is the main motivator for candidates to move and employees to stay. But as seen in our survey, this is the least valued motivator! That is not to say it’s not a big factor when moving jobs. But, if an employee is happy with the company culture and feels challenged and motivated in their role, they are less likely to move for £2K more.

If you would like to benchmark yourself or your team against other supply chain organisations, you can download our Supply Chain Salary Survey here. It covers the following areas: Manufacturing, Logistics, R&D, Supply Chain Tech, Supply Chain Planning and Procurement.