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I've done this before

Changing company in recruitment is never an easy decision. You probably feel a loyalty to your current employer (and why wouldn't you?), you're on a desk you've worked hard to build and you're earning commission, it's hard to walk away from! Or, like many people, you've started to feel disengaged with the recruitment industry, you're sick of KPIs but you still love recruitment and you're looking for somewhere better.

We truly believe Pod can offer you a fantastic environment to do recruitment in. You can be yourself working here, we have no crap KPIs and we'll offer you great progression and development.

This page will tell you a bit more about people who were like you once, considering a move, hovering over the apply button. They were brave, they made the leap, and now they are here. Come on in and find out more...

why I joined pod talent

I joined Pod because I was looking to join a successful business with an adult environment where I could continue to develop, Pod ticked all of these boxes for me.

I felt like I finally found a place where I can be myself 100% of the time and work in an environment that fits with my goals and values.

​I was frustrated and disillusioned by the way other companies operated in the recruitment industry and I wanted to join a company that worked to change this perception and do things the right way.

​I had reached the point where I was planning to leave the recruitment industry. I hated the daily lying and cheating and being someone I wasn't at work. Pod allowed me to be myself and still be a successful recruiter.

​I joined Pod because everyone can learn from one another. People have a wide range of skillsets and it allows the team to look at things in different ways. There is also a clear plan and determination to succeed and for the company to grow, as well as striving to offer people opportunities to grow their careers.

​I joined Pod off the back of a recommendation from a candidate I was working with at my previous business. From my interview process it was clear that people genuinely cared about treating candidates and clients in the right way and I really liked how down to earth the people were.

benefits and incentives

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monthly and quarterly company incentives

Hitting quarterly target means everyone goes on a fun afternoon adventure, often involving an activity such as crazy golf, hiring a boat on the canal, bowling or even axe-throwing. We also have a quarterly lunch club for high performers which involves a fancy restaurant and afternoon off, and prizes for employee of the month and making your first placement.

holiday vouchers

The consultants who bill the highest percentage over their annual target get a holiday voucher so they can take a well-earned rest after all their hard work to go travelling the world. ​


After 3 months of being at Pod, all staff get access to Perkbox. This is a site which gives a range of discounts and perks such as free phone insurance, discounted cinema tickets, and great deals on restaurants.

private healthcare

Once passing probation, all staff are offered private health insurance. We have very comprehensive cover available for that extra peace of mind, knowing that if something happens, you’re covered.

flexible working

We want our staff to feel energised and be at their best at work. Typically, recruitment was known for its long hours, hut we don’t believe working longer hours means working harder! We have set core hours between 9.30-4, and you can choose your start time around this to make it work for you. Oh, and we don't wear suits, ever.

free breakfast

As the old saying goes, we believe breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! We provide all staff with more breakfast options than you can shake a stick at, as well as lots of fresh fruit to keep you healthy (disclaimer: if you want to supplement this by buying biscuits and chocolate that’s fine, as long as you share with us)

I joined pod from another recruitment business...

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what is your role at pod?

I am the Head of our Supply Chain & Logistics team within the International division.

what is different about pod compared to your last business?

Pod has a clear focus on maintaining an adult environment where people are the most important aspect in parallel with excellence and results - not in spite of them. There is a genuine sense of unity and striving for one goal.

WHAT advice would you give someone considering applying to join?

Coming from another recruitment company my aim was to grow and develop in an environment where transparency, people, performance and career progression were all valued equally, something extremely rare in recruitment from my experience. All of this is more than possible at Pod so you should get in touch.

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what is your role at pod?

I head up the Operations and Manufacturing division for the International team.​

what were you doing before you joined?

I spent 4 years in the United Arab Emirates managing a Manufacturing division for the Middle East market covering the GCC.

WHAT's your favourite thing about pod?

Pod are truly a values driven business and this runs throughout everything on a day to day basis from the way we interact with candidates and clients through to the way we treat one another as peers – I love the fact that we are true to our values! Oh, and the fruit delivery on a Monday.

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what is your role at pod?

I head up the Manufacturing and Logistics teams at Pod

what progression have you had?

I joined Pod as Principal Consultant and my role has grown every year. I have been promoted twice to now head up a team of 6 people. I've also become a partner in September 2019 as well!

WHAT advice would you give someone considering applying to join?

Do it! If you want a business where you can work with passionate people, develop your career and be true to your own personal values then Pod's the place!