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I'm new to recruitment

Hi there. If you're new to recruitment, such as you've just finished education and want to start a career (on our jedi recruitment graduate scheme), or you've been in another industry and want to make the move to recruitment, this page will give you a bit more information about life at Pod and what a career in recruitment might look like!

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can also apply for our jedi graduate scheme or get in touch about anything else.​ (Please note: we will be accepting applications for summer intake 2020 from next year so whilst the vacancies aren't currently live, we would love to hear from you!)

We hope to hear from you very soon...

why I joined pod talent

​I’ve always been really interested in how other companies structured and ran their supply chains – recruitment allows me to connect with talent candidates and exciting companies, which is brilliant!

​My interview process was fun and everyone was very personable. I also really bought into the values driven environment and new take on recruitment that was an enticing aspect.

I joined because the culture is radiating with energy and passion, and everyone makes you feel part of the team as soon as you enter the office.

​I joined Pod Talent because the minute I walked in for my interview I felt welcomed and could tell that it was a super supportive working environment.

​I love working with people and love the lively, friendly atmosphere.

​I decided to join Pod because I knew that I was going to be looked after properly. Recruitment was entirely new to me, and Pod promised me a real training and progression programme that I found genuinely exciting at the start of a new career.

I joined POD because it offered a unique environment where I could be surrounded by great people and I am also given all the support, tools and training I need to ensure a long and successful career! And it’s a dog friendly office.

benefits and incentives

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monthly and quarterly company incentives

​Hitting quarterly target means everyone goes on a fun afternoon adventure, often involving an activity such as crazy golf, hiring a boat on the canal, bowling or even axe-throwing. We also have a quarterly lunch club for high performers which involves a fancy restaurant and afternoon off, and prizes for employee of the month and making your first placement.

work from home

​We learnt a lot in 2020. One of those things is that our staff enjoy the flexibility to work from home but also enjoy having an office too! So once things go back to "normal" we'll be implementing a flexible working model, allowing people to work in the office 2-3 days a week and the rest from home.


​Heka is a health and wellness platform giving employees access to gym memberships, healthy food packages, mindfulness applications, coaching, health classes and much more. You get a discount on everything via Heka and Pod also give employees credit to spend each month!

private healthcare

​Once passing probation, all staff are offered private health insurance. We have very comprehensive cover available for that extra peace of mind, knowing that if something happens, you’re covered.

flexible working

​We want our staff to feel energised and be at their best at work. Typically, recruitment was known for its long hours, but we don’t believe working longer hours means working harder! We have set core hours between 9.30-4, and you can choose your start time around this to make it work for you.

free breakfast and fresh fruit

As the old saying goes, we believe breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! We provide all staff with more breakfast options than you can shake a stick at, as well as lots of fresh fruit to keep you healthy (disclaimer: if you want to supplement this by buying biscuits and chocolate that’s fine, as long as you share with us)

we were new to recruitment once...

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what did you do before working at pod?

I joined the University of Leicester to study management, and enjoyed the studying so much I decided to stay on for another year to complete a masters in human resource management and training. Then I found Pod Talent!

what does an average day look like?

'Average day' is not a thing at Pod. Every day is so different from one another, however it always starts with preparing breakfast (which did they tell you, is completely free!) Then I'd check my e-mails while sipping on my coffee and then the fun starts. There are so many various activities that I do day to day, but I guess it can be summarised to - relationship building. I'd be catching up with candidates and clients from the most amazing companies, and my favourite - actually popping out of the office to see them.


Amazing. There is so much experience at Pod Talent so you can truly learn from the best. It is the perfect balance between learning the theory and challenging yourself with the practical. I've learned and developed so much more that I have ever imagined I could.

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what did you do before you joined pod?

Before Pod I was a transport planning manager at Gist, managing a large team who were planning over 800 routes per day. Previous to that I worked as Operations Manager a start up B2B food delivery company.

what made you switch careers?

I felt I needed to do something different.  I’ve always loved logistics so wanted to stay linked to that. I’ve always been really very interested in how other companies structured and ran their companies – recruitment allows me to connect with talented candidates & exciting companies which is brilliant! Feeding my (sad) thirst for logistical knowledge!

how are you enjoying recruitment?

Loving it! Very different to the operational roles I’ve had previously. The best bit is the culture of Pod & meeting with great candidates & clients.

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what did you do before joining pod?

I was a Conference and Banqueting Manager in a boutique hotel in East Sussex.

​why did you decide to apply?

I was searching for a graduate scheme and was interested in recruitment. I wanted to join a scheme with proper training and that would be quirky and different, Pod came across that way in their ad!

​WHat is the best thing about working at pod?

The people are! Everyone is so different and there are lots of characters. I also love the autonomy and trust my manager has in me.