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Apply for the jedi graduate scheme

Apply for our Jedi Graduate Recruitment Scheme

When we refer to our graduate intake, we are actually referring to anyone wishing to enter into recruitment with little or no prior experience of our industry. That could mean university leavers, school leavers, people moving on from a recruitment apprenticeship or people with experience in a different field. If you are interested in a career in recruitment, then we are interested in you.

We're a different kind of recruitment business and really proud of that. A family-feel business that is values driven, meaning the things we believe in inform the things we do. We're dedicated to our clients and believe in partnerships over traditional, transactional services. This isn't about supplying candidates; it's about strategy, retention, engagement and life-long partnerships.

Our JEDI training at Pod allows all of our people to learn the art of influencing. The art of recruitment is about making matches, connecting to people and then connecting them to each other. We’re doing it right now to you. And we can teach you how it’s done. video

Before you read more, why not watch this video of our CEO, Jon Dweck, talking about why you should consider joining Pod:

Jedi Recruitment Graduate Scheme

Choosing Pod’s JEDI training scheme as the place to start your recruitment career will:

  • Give you the power to control people’s thoughts

  • Allow you to own your earning potential and help pay off your student loans

  • Provide the skills to run your own business in the future

  • Place you in a vibrant, ambitious, ethical, innovative and non-corporate environment

  • Get you working with some of the most famous and fast-growing brands in the world

  • Respect your individuality and learning styles

  • Introduce you to a number of people who will become true friends

  • Mean you never have to compromise your own values in order to achieve success

​Ok, we’d love to say that joining Pod would offer you all of these things, but we can’t… that wouldn’t be entirely realistic and we value openness too much to lie! However, the people who have worked for us already would say that they enjoy a lot of these things today. Not every opportunity in the recruitment industry is the same, so if you want to know about a truly different recruitment business, read on…

​What is the role?

Some (but not all!) of the things we get up to on a daily basis include:

  • Writing job advertisements, speaking with candidates about their career and experience, providing CV advice

  • Advising Clients on market insights, taking job briefs, sourcing candidates based on specific criteria

  • Building business development plans, market mapping and talent pipelines, setting sales targets and monitoring performance

Your career development will be in good hands here. You will initially go through an intensive 4 months training scheme, delivered by industry experts with a phenomenal track record in recruitment. Once you’ve successfully completed that process, you will be assigned to the right entry-level role for you. That could be a fast-paced role within our UK team or an initial stint as a researcher supporting our international senior headhunting function.

Recruitment is bonkers. If you are a natural, it doesn’t feel like work. After all you get paid to get to know people. It’s a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, no day is the same and each day tends to fly by in the blink of an eye. Your work is never done, and the rewards for your efforts are uncapped.

So if this could be interesting to you, fill in the form below and get in touch with us. When you've finished your upload you'll be immediately presented with "mission one", which is the first part of our application process.

Good luck. May the force be with you.

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