The Grad Pod

Connecting graduates to entry level supply chain opportunities, solving talent shortages on the way

The Grad Pod is our newest offering and offers our clients a new and inventive way to attract high calibre graduates into entry level roles.

The problem

Through our experience placing supply chain experts at all levels, we noticed that:

  • Organisations were struggling to find grads and fill entry level roles

  • Undergraduates struggle to find entry level roles outside of grad schemes

  • No-one is championing supply chain careers

  • We’re losing the best talent to other industries less deserving

As a business that is solely set up to provide supply chain recruitment solutions, we saw it as our job to provide a solution to this problem too! And so, the Grad Pod was born.

So, what is it?

  • We only represent entry-level supply chain opportunities

  • We then champion careers via marketing campaigns to the target audience

  • We match raw talent to the right elements of supply chain

  • We screen and select the best of that talent

  • We then present talent to participating organisations

  • You select who you want to meet

  • Hired grads benefit from The Grad Pod community, and your organisation benefits from having top talent growing and developing in your business

View our animation below explaining it all!

This sounds great! How can my business get involved?
  • Tell us where your end to end supply chain needs talent

  • Sign up at no cost

  • Build a compelling supply chain story, or just leave that to us

  • Receive weekly shortlists of grads in July, August, September

  • Select the best talent you want to meet

  • Pay us a fee is you hire someone in your business

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