Jul 15, 2022
by Lucy Morgan

Kraft Heinz - Case Study

Pod were engaged by Kraft Heinz on a number of procurement roles based in the Netherlands. Below is a detailed overview of the project, our solution and the result.


Kraft Heinz (formerly Heinz) had been acquired by 3G, Pod had been a partner to Heinz for many years and due to this their CPO and Head of Talent Acquisition reached out to us seeking a recruitment solution to an employer branding and hiring problem.

The problems they were facing included:

  • The takeover by 3G and subsequently the recent merger with Kraft had resulted in a change in business culture, this had affected hiring and retention negatively but the business was unaware of the root cause of this or how to address it

  • They had 15 vacancies within their procurement team, they were struggling to fill them and needed them filled within 3 months

  • They wanted the best people in the market but were struggling to attract them


We did a root cause analysis into their hiring problems and an anonymous survey of Dutch procurement candidates to understand how KH were perceived in the market.

We were able to draw the following conclusions:

  • Kraft Heinz procurement had a poor employer brand in the market, they were seen as cut throat, aggressive, driven by cost reduction and not focused on people
  • Hiring managers and stakeholders were not aligned or bought into hiring processes internally
  • There was a breakdown in relationships between procurement, HR and talent acquisition
  • Talent acquisition were not experienced in recruiting procurement roles
  • Candidates were left without feedback or had poor interview/offer experiences

We then created a solution that included:

  • A Pod employee acting as an implant at Kraft Heinz for 3 months to create collaboration between procurement, talent and HR
  • A marketing campaign was built to target potential candidates. We created an employer branding document which gave an accurate overview of working at Kraft Heinz, meaning it was attractive to the right type of people
  • Creating a standard interview process for Kraft Heinz which included feedback forms and SLAs designed to improve interview experiences for candidates
  • Implementing interview training with all hiring managers
  • Creating tracking systems to monitor progress on a weekly basis


  • 13 out of 15 roles were filled within 3 months and the others within 2 additional months
  • Kraft Heinz’s average time to hire was reduced by 25%
  • Interview processes were maximised, 32 candidates were submitted in total leading to 15 offers being accepted
  • Their employer branding was improved by the marketing campaign and candidate perception was improved in their target audience, resulting in them hiring people who previously rated them as “unattractive” to work for in the survey

If you have a similar Supply Chain or Procurement challenge that can be solved by a recruitment solution, please get in touch with our Managing Director Lucy Morgan on ​lucy.morgan@pod-talent.com or 02036272420 who will be more than happy to talk to you about our different solutions.