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If we tried to squash all the personalities in the business and all the quirks and all the growth and all the promotions and all the social events and all the weird fancy dress and all the jokes into this one tiny paragraph on the internet, it would be like trying to edit War and Peace down into 500 words. Ridiculous and impossible and quite frankly a stupid idea.

Plus, a tiny paragraph on the internet doesn’t always cut it because the truth is, you have to chat to the people; see if they’re the kind of people you want to grab a drink with or go out for dinner with. You need to walk around an office to get under the skin of it to see if you want to sit there for eight hours a day.

So instead let’s just say that here, it’s brave and it’s bold and it’s full of opportunity. That at Pod you can build a wonderful career with pretty wonderful people, even if they do have a questionable love for fancy dress. So, let’s leave it at that for now until you come in, have a cuppa, actually meet the gang and realise that maybe, just maybe, this tiny paragraph on the internet was telling the truth.

the pod history

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It all started with four of us around Jon’s kitchen table. We loved supply chain, loved recruitment but were frustrated about the reputation of our industry. So Pod was born. It was a risky move. We were scared but excited. However, it paid off. We won awards four years in a row. Won the best agency to work for. Signed huge clients like Danone, Kraft Heinz, Coty and Amazon. In 2018 we moved into our new home with space to grow.
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Comfortable in our new home, finally with room to stretch out, we re-wrote our values, mission statement and brand. We've come up with some exciting goals. Had an internal restructure. Hired some more amazing people. Launched a new innovative team. Got excited. Got really excited for chapter two.
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We plan to grow even more. That means more offices and more people, but not at the expense of the great customer service that we've become known for. We’ve promised ourselves never to be big for the sake of it, but instead to be the best supply chain recruitment company in the world. This is, and always has been, about improving our industry. We’re going to be the best agency to work for. We’re going to keep innovating and coming up with wild ideas. We’ll be the ones to lead on diversity & inclusion because we’ve been doing it since those kitchen table days. There’ll be lots of laughter and excitement, but our future is about excellence. A commitment to building something so brilliant, everyone (that’s clients, candidates and employees – maybe even your neighbour) wants to be a part of it. We’re building something beautiful.

the code we live by

celebrating individuality of everyone we deal with

That means bringing your whole self to work and creating space for everyone else to be their complete, wonderful, quirky and different self.

committed to openness in everything we do

​There's no lying, no cheating, no misleading and definitely no egos around here. We are open with our opinions and honest in everything we do.

striving for excellence in everything we deliver

​As an ambitious bunch we're always trying to be better than we were yesterday. Excellence is our bench mark and we go up from there.

encouraging creativity in every challenge we face

We like wild ideas, audacious plans and we throw creativity at everything we do. Never just accepting things 'the way they are', always getting creative to find better ways of working and living.

10 reasons to join pod

We've got big plans
We’re hungry and we’re ambitious and we’re here to make some serious moves. The plan is to be five times as big as we are today. That means new offices, new sectors, new products, new roles, new brand, new website, new people. If we were the Avengers, we’d basically be assembling right now.
We celebrate individuality
You can be your full weird and wonderful self and we have created an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome.
We care about your wellbeing
Alongside a high paying commission structure, we offer great benefits such as private healthcare, wellbeing allowances, company incentives and enhanced maternity and paternity pay.
We offer flexible working and are committed to it long term. We are in the office 2 days a week and have flexible hours, with no plans to change that.
We have great clients
You would recognise most of the brands we work with and are probably using their products right now!
We are really busy
We have loads of live jobs ready for you to start working on, and as we work in Supply Chain, we don’t see this changing anytime soon!
We want everyone to develop
We offer clear progression paths to set you up for a successful career in recruitment, and offer you the training you need to get there!
we're employee owned
You’ll be working directly with the decision makers in the business. We make decisions based on what is right for our clients, candidates and colleagues, not about money.
We don't believe in crap KPIs
We set reasonable and achievable targets that allow you to work autonomously. No one will be counting your calls or how long you spend on the phone. Ever.
We're committed to DE&I
We have created a diverse and inclusive work environment and have plans to keep it that way. We also believe the Supply Chain industry is under represented in terms of diverse talent, so we will be working hard to make a real difference in our space.

why I joined pod

Seb Taylor

Head of Practice - Logistics and Operations

Joined from Gist in 2019

Alex McDougall

Senior Consultant

Joined in 2021

Leah Carter

Consultant - North

Joined from Edgewell Supply Chain

Caroline Crotty

Head of International

Joined from Proco Global in 2015

Daniel Farr

Finance Analyst

Joined as a Jedi Grad in 2018

Gabi Rackauskaite

Head of Practice - End to End Supply Chain

Joined as a Jedi Grad in 2018

Seba Dyer

Senior Consultant - Supply Chain Technology

Made a career change in 2021

​I’ve always been really interested in how other companies structured and ran their supply chains – recruitment allows me to connect with talent candidates and exciting companies, which is brilliant!

Because their values align to mine; honest, collaborative and committed to delivering a fantastic service to candidates & clients!

I chose to join Pod Talent due to its exceptional culture, inclusive environment, and commitment to recognising individuality. I'm particularly drawn to the numerous opportunities for professional growth and the incredible support system in place.

I saw the opportunity to work with a team of senior leaders who were real experts in Supply Chain and where I felt like I could continue to learn something.

I joined Pod because it offered a unique environment where I could be surrounded by great people and I am also given all the support, tools and training I need to ensure a long and successful career! And it’s a dog friendly office.

I joined because the culture is radiating with energy and passion, and everyone makes you feel part of the team as soon as you enter the office.

Because the values aligned with my own, but also the company didn’t fit with my perception of recruitment and I could tell that Pod do things differently with an openness across the board.

Meet the rest of the pod squad

benefits and incentives

monthly and quarterly company incentives
​Hitting quarterly target means everyone goes on a fun afternoon adventure, often involving an activity such as crazy golf, hiring a boat on the canal, bowling or even axe-throwing. We also have a quarterly lunch club for high performers which involves a fancy restaurant and afternoon off, and prizes for employee of the month and making your first placement.
work from home
​We learnt a lot in 2020. One of those things is that our staff enjoy the flexibility to work from home but also enjoy having an office too! So once things go back to "normal" we'll be implementing a flexible working model, allowing people to work in the office 2-3 days a week and the rest from home.
​Heka is a health and wellness platform giving employees access to gym memberships, healthy food packages, mindfulness applications, coaching, health classes and much more. You get a discount on everything via Heka and Pod also give employees credit to spend each month!
private healthcare
​Once passing probation, all staff are offered private health insurance. We have very comprehensive cover available for that extra peace of mind, knowing that if something happens, you’re covered.
flexible working
​We want our staff to feel energised and be at their best at work. Typically, recruitment was known for its long hours, but we don’t believe working longer hours means working harder! We have set core hours between 9.30-4, and you can choose your start time around this to make it work for you.
free breakfast, snacks and fruit
As the old saying goes, we believe breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! We provide all staff with more breakfast options than you can shake a stick at, as well as lots of fresh fruit to keep you healthy (disclaimer: if you want to supplement this by buying biscuits and chocolate that’s fine, as long as you share with us)

what it's like to work at pod

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