Jul 15, 2019
by Lucy Morgan

​Jon Dweck's Top 10 Supply Chain Puns

We decided our website could do with some fun, but relevant fun at the same time. So we gave Jon 1 hour to come up with 10 supply chain puns - these were the results... we apologise in advance and want to hear from you if you can do better.

1.The S&OP process within the Meat processing factory was a challenge due to the amount of steak holders involved

2.The condiments category head buyer at Tesco's was embarking on some strategic saucing

3.The Spanish procurement team were looking to hire a purchasing professional with a decent amount of experience. They were planning on calling him Senor Buyer

4.The forestry commission were looking for a new ERP system. Sap came in to pitch but they were barking up the wrong tree.

5. The Tefal factory failed on adherence to pan

6.The park furniture plaque manufacturers were comparing their production processes for bench-marking purposes.

7.Due to increasing supplier costs, the combine harvester business required a bail out but their potential investors said they were clutching at straws.

8.The soft drinks manufacturer nearly came up with a new packaging format but they bottled it

9.Helicopter gearbox suppliers are facing substantial pricing pressure because they can’t get their COGS down

10.The inventory manager at Knorr was sacked for holding too much stock.

We're interested to hear from anyone who has a supply chain pun to add to our list!