Mar 17, 2023
by Caroline Crotty

European Supply Chain Salary Survey 2023

Sitting in the heart of the supply chain industry means we see a lot. We get to witness trends,  understand working behaviours and have access to a wealth of information. We’re also big sharers and big believers in doing everything we can to support and contribute to an industry we love. So, we will be sharing a series of salary surveys; our UK survey was released last year (feel free to check it out here), and this is our first European survey.

We’ll be publishing it every year to help both  hiring managers and HR teams benchmark  roles vs market demand, as well as providing  insights to supply chain professionals. We  know that salary isn’t the only factor that  matters to people’s careers, which is why we’ve also included information on how you as an employer can stay competitive through flexible working and benefits schemes. You will also find insights into the current war for talent, changes in salary levels, what companies are doing to retain talent and what the driving factors are for candidates in today’s market, which we hope you’ll also find useful.

As a business, Pod is dedicated to constant improvement so please do get in touch and let us know what you think and let us know what else we could include that would help you.

You can view the survey below; to enlarge just click on the text below the reading pane. Alternatively, you can download it as a PDF document *HERE*