Jul 15, 2020
by Jon Dweck


It is hard to think of a time of greater change within the supply chain industry, with so many challenges to overcome. Over the last few years we have been rebuilding our physical networks to better serve the needs of our consumers while seeking to reduce end to end costs in an increasingly volatile world. But further great challenges lie ahead requiring vision, courage and leadership:

How do we continue to serve our organisations, customers and shareholders while meeting our global environmental and social obligations as humans, parents and grandparents?

How do we harness existing and future technologies to enhance performance while mitigating risk and ensuring security?

And how do we ensure that the leaders of supply chains find their voice to drive these agendas within their organisations?

Chapter 2 of Pod is all about helping our industry to solve these challenges and more. We mainly do that by delivering supply chain recruitment solutions to the most important challenges out there. People are the most important asset of any organisation and the best permanent solution to a supply chain challenge is to have the right people doing the right things in the right way.

We are going back to our roots of creativity and excellence in delivery:

We’ve bolstered our internal capabilities, bringing more industry specialists into the recruitment sector while launching our own internal training scheme for graduates. All to ensure that we maintain the best success rates in our sector across specialist permanent recruitment

We have added further know how within senior leadership search across Europe and the UK, to mirror the ever-increasing focus on the quality of leadership within supply chain

We’ve strengthened our abilities to deliver multi-hire projects to support our clients through major change such as team relocations and greenfield builds within physical supply chain

We’ve recently launched the Grad Pod – a unique take on supply chain graduate recruitment that helps our customers to build a foundation of future talent that the supply chain industry desperately needs

But we want to add so much more value to our network…

We have a huge and enviable network of the best thinkers and practitioners within the supply chain industry so we will now be mobilising that network to help the supply chain industry to do what we can to help

Our Podcast will bring the best thinkers talking about the key topics within supply chain to our network

The Library on our website will be populated with comprehensive guides to everything supply chain, built by those that know best

Why are we doing this?

We launched Pod Talent in 2012 with a clear desire to change the perceptions of what a recruitment consultancy can be. People thought that a UK based, dress-down, values-driven and ethical recruitment business was madness. But then the industry took notice and so did our clients.  We doubled revenue three years in a row and won increasingly prestigious industry awards. We were brave in the way we approached things and we delivered better results.

Fast forward to 2019 and we recognised a need to get back to our roots, recommit to the supply chain sector that we love, acknowledge how the industries around us are changing and set new exciting goals for the future. And since April 2019, we’ve been busy putting our new plans in motion.

We have never been about growth for the sake of it, increasing revenues and profits just because we can.  We want to continue to be brave to be better in what we do – and that isdelivering supply chain recruitment solutions. Our growth plans are based on the needs of the supply chain sector and we are putting ourselves firmly in the centre of that industry.