Supply Chain Technology

Supply Chain Technology Recruitment​

Our Supply Chain Tech recruitment team focuses on all things technology and change related within Supply Chain and was newly created in 2018 to respond to the demands of the supply chain industry as digitalisation continues to drive many agendas. The team focus on the implementation, running and reporting tools of all ERP and WMS systems, and any analytical roles related to Supply Chain data and Supply Chain Master Data. We recruit from entry to board level across the UK, Europe and North America and we have specialists at each seniority and for each geography. We also have a strong interim offering in this area.

Roles we recruit in this area include:

  • Supply Chain Systems Director
  • Head of Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics or Manufacturing Systems
  • Supply Chain Master Data Management
  • Supply Chain Programme Management
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics or Manufacturing Systems Manager
  • Supply Chain Digitalisation BPO
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Data Analysts
  • Supply Chain System Analysts

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What our customers say

Peter Parish, Supply Chain Systems Manager at Fever Tree

"It was great to work with Pod, not only did they balance the needs of the company they were working with, but went the extra mile to ensure that the position suited my needs. The support from the moment of making contact to accepting the position was open and honest. Post starting, they have kept in contact to ensure that I settled in well and that my expectation where met."